Fire Sprinkler Installation

We'll help with design and install the right Fire protection system for you!

As a fire sprinkler contractor, Cloud Peak Fire Protection specializes in water-based fire protection systems.  We install systems for both commercial and residential facilities. Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit of an existing structure, we are your one stop shop to help you satisfy your project's fire protection needs.  From getting you the most appropriate fire sprinkler design to procuring material and  installing the system, we pay close attention to every detail to ensure you get the lowest price possible.  Visit our CONTACT US page for a FREE ESTIMATE

Wet system

Wet fire sprinkler systems are generally the most cost efficient form of fire protection. Piping is pressurized at all times with water meaning water is delivered instantly when a fire sprinkler head is deployed.

dry system

Dry fire sprinkler systems are used in unconditioned areas or when sprinkler system components are exposed to freezing temperatures. The piping is pressurized with air which, when released, allows the flow of water from the valve to the deployed fire sprinkler head. 


Whether you're doing a remodel on your building or needing your system replaced, we work with you to get your fire protection system updated or installed.