Service & Inspection


Not only is it a good idea to have your fire protection system inspected to ensure its functionality, it's also required by NFPA standards and typically enforced by local jurisdictions. A fire sprinkler inspection by Cloud Peak Fire Protection will highlight any deficiencies and necessary repairs to keep you safe and in compliance with all national and local codes. 

maintenance & Repair

 Keeping your fire sprinkler system maintained ensures peak performance when it's needed most.  

Backflow Services

We offer full backflow preventer services for domestic and fire sprinkler backflow preventers. Having your backflow preventer assembly inspected and maintained is a great idea even if your local municipality may not require it.  A properly functioning backflow preventer keeps your family, friends and neighbors drinking water safe.  Whether you need your backflow preventer repaired, certified, replaced or a new assembly, rest assured you're in good hands with an A.S.S.E certified technician.

fire extinguisher 

Fire extinguishers can often be the first line of defense when the unexpected happens. If you're unsure of the condition of your facility's extinguishers, it may be time to have an inspection.  Don't gamble with the safety of your business, employees and family.  Protect your investment by scheduling with Cloud Peak Fire Protection. We inspect, certify and replace fire extinguishers. Inspections are performed by a certified portable fire extingusher technician.